Making mistakes improves yourself

We have to fail to make progress

How did we learn to walk? By walking from point A to B. But what happened in between those points? it sure wasn’t a smooth route at your first attempt. As we are young we are not bothered by making mistakes, because we make them all the time. Also everyone around us look at you being cute and they don’t consider them failing, just learing something new.

If only it was so easy to get back into the mindset we had when growing up. The mindset of a 2 year old of feeling no pressure to perform. No pressure that weighs us down and prevents growth. The moment where we really lose this way of thinking is at our adolescence. Whenever we do something “wrong” parents and teacher tell us we made a mistake and how we should do it the next time. This on it’s own is no big hurdle. It becomes a problem when we are told how we should do something before we even attempted it ourselves.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. – Thomas A. Edison.

Not undergoing the mistakes ourself by listening to advice is detrimental to our personal growth. How can we get better at tackling new situations if people tell us what is going to happen  when we undergo a certain action? Allow your children to make mistakes. It is best way for you to help them improve.

When they make the same mistake multiple times you are bound to step in. In the first place leave them room to learn from their mistake. If they are unsure about where the problem lies you can help them find the problem. Letting your children make the mistakes can be considered as harsh parenting considering very specific situations. When they are in a safe, comfortable area there isn’t much harm that can be done. However if the mistake will be made publicy being cautious is adviced. Preventing them from feeling humiliated is a safer better. There is enough room for making mistakes in a safer environment.


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