Benefits of change

Bring change into your life

Life is easy when everything stays the same, but should we strive for an easy life or should we go for a challenging life?

Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do the hard things and your life will be easy. When you are constantly challenging yourself it may seem difficult at first glance. However the more challenges you face the easier they will become. Bringing change into your life helps you changing and improving your life. Having routines is great, but changing things up breaks your daily activities and teaches you new ways to create success.

Change your thoughts and you change your world. – Norman Vincent Peale

To forge the greatest change in your life you should first change your mindset. When you have your mind with you everything becomes easier. As long as you set your mind towards something you are able to achieve anything.

The biggest limitation we have is the one we put on ourselves. As long as you believe in yourself you can work towards achieving your goals, no matter how large they are. You have to be honest with yourselves and your goals. When you are going for a large achievement you have to give yourself the time to be able to achieve it. The worse thing you can do is putting limitations on yourself. For example people don’t believe they can’t pass a test, learn a language or become financially free. If you don’t believe in yourself you wont achieve it. Our mind is powerfull.


Taking challenges head on

Taking challenges head on
Put your head first on challenges

In our life we get in touch with so many challenges, the one harder than the other. You can either doubt yourself making it harder for yourself or going straight at it and keep on improving yourself.

A great example to put this into practise is a school presentation. Everyone has to get through it, but how you take it on depends the outcome. The better you prepare, the less you postpone the better it will be. The same things go for trying to enjoy yourself in the difficult time. Hardly anyone sees giving presentations as a enjoying time at first. But the better you prepare, the better you will get on them and you will start to really like it. Everyone will hate it when they hear the word, but you will love it to be able to strive for a new success.

The challenge is to stay cool enough to handle the pressure in the moment so that you can succeed in the future. – Jurgen Klopp

Some crumble under pressure, others exceed expectations and strive for the best possible reward. The more you are able to simply take on any challenge allows you to show that you can take on anything. This makes it possible for a lot of challenging things to come up for you as an opportunity to grow even better.

Another example of challenge is setting goals for yourself and to continue on the daily grind. Most people spend their evenings after work laying in the couch, watching TV or playing games. What about a challenging daily activity? Like working out, learning language or playing music? It’s all good and fun, but doing all of it 7 days a week, every month for the entire year it can become a challenge.

When you are willing to take on small challenges every day you will notice long time advantages in comparison to others. One of those challenges is saving money to invest it into your future. No matter how much money you make you can always change your life to use your money a different way.

Enjoying the healthy lifestyle

healthy living
Enjoy your tasty health

Some people would argue that healthy food is extremely difficult. However the difficulty of it depends where you are coming from, what you want to achieve and how fast. When you are already used to eating healthy once in a while you may know what you need. But you will just have to make time to maintain the healthy lifestyle consistently.

An important factor in your challenge is the time you allow yourself to ease into the changes. Don’t change your food and drink habits in just one week. Start of small with something that doesn’t seem hard to you. This may be adding in a glass of water in the morning, eating a piece of fruit or slightly decrease your food intake.

Maintaining good health should be the primary focus of everyone. – Sangram Singh

You only have one life, one mind and one body. Why wouldn’t you take care of it, especially if it can be completely enjoyable. The art is to avoid making it difficult, avoid making it seem like a daunting task to eat healthy. Look for different healthy options that you would love to go for.

If you don’t like to eat apples, then why would you force yourself eating them? Look for alternative fruits or even reach onto vegetables instead to get the necessary minerals into your system. Another important part of achieving the healthy life is by learning how to eat healthy in any situation and to enjoy it. It can go from making food in the weekend for next week to looking at the menu in a restaurant. If you enjoy eating out don’t deny yourself it because you want to change your eating habits.

Change the way you eat without changing the way you live. Maintain the things you love doing while taking care of your health.

No longer work for money but let money work for you!

Make money work for you
Money can do a lot for you

When starting out your career you trade in your time for receiving a salary. At first this is an incredible method of achieving wealth. When you are learning some new skills you are already getting paid slowly becoming an expert. However the older and the more experienced you become you start to realise that it isn’t as powerfull as you first thought. You get paid more for your work but you can’t get paid exponentially more. The reason for this is you may get more efficient, but you are getting less motivated and/or less youthfull.

Both a 20 year old and a 50 year old have the same amount of time they can spend working for the company. While older people are generally more expensive due to their experience and knowledge on the job market. So instead of trying to work more and more hours for the same return use your money to grow on itself. After putting some money aside start investing with some money that you are willing to lose and taking a chance for a better return.

One pillar to wealth is having residual income – Nipsey Hussle

The benefit from investing is that you are able to create residual income. Instead of trading your time for money you are able to slowly let the money do the work. Compared to working for your money, residual income is able to increase exponentially. Every start is difficult. The first few months to years you only add a small amount of extra income. The more you learn on investing, the better you invest the higher your additional income will become.

From the moment you start activating your money you build up an additional stream of income. If you are patient enough some day you are able to quit working for your money. You will have a passive income that can be enough for maintaining your current lifestyle. That being said to start doing this at an earlier age you should look at decreasing the cost of your living. If you need an income of 5000 a month you will achieve your financial freedom slower than if you have enough with 2500.

The biggest risk of working for your money is ending up incapable of working anymore. If it happens while you are building up your passive income you will have something working as a backup income stream incase of an emergency.

Should you change your job?

Changing job
Are you considering to change your job? 

We are thought from a young age that we should be working for our money and keeping a consistant income. If we listen to our parents it would be the best to remain with your current job, cause you never know if your next job would be worse.

But the question is how satisfied are you with your current job? There is a price to pay for stability. If you want to maintain your current salary you don’t change your job and you will remain at your current place. However if you are unhappy where you work you don’t perform as highly as you could. The better you feel yourself with what you do the more enjoyable it is and the more you can bring to the table for the company you are working for.

I still get the jitters every time I start a new job! I love it – makes you feel alive. – Camille Guaty

It’s nice to have stability in your finances, but at what cost does this come? Change once in a time isn’t so bad, it’s even good to do something different. Changing a job may seem difficult and too hard to accomplish. However taking on a new challenge improves your skillsets and improves how you feel about yourself.

If you are currently happy at your work position don’t settle for it permenantly. Look at what stage you are at now and keep working on yourself. You never know when either a reccesion starts and you may lose your job due to the current economic situation. When you know what you are worth and are constantly improving you will have no problem to find something new. At least when you will find something you know you will be worth it to any new boss. For example you can expand your knowledge of the work you do daily or be better at talking to customers, even in their mother tongue.

Preventing violence on women

Stop violence against women
Stopping abuse and violence towards women

The year 2019 has been a difficult year for the stories that has been brought out. Yet it’s also a good thing that we are starting to give attention to what has happened to women over the world.

A first step to changing things around is to put it to the attention. This means that we are recognizing the problem and that we try to find a solution for them. Violence should never be allowed, not to anyone. Violence comes from a point of weakness from the assaulter. It has nothing to do with who you are or what you did. Never forget that you aren’t the one who did something wrong, never blame yourself or be ashamed from it.

The problem is that something has happened to you or someone you know. Try to be aware to the people you have around you and see if you can help them. It’s not easy to say the right words helping someone, but just being there for them is helpfull.

Today is the international day for the elimination of violence against women. This article was written as an attempt to help anyone out there who either had a bad experience or who knows someone. If we bring it to the attention of the crowd hopefully we can prevent some of the harm in the future. If you have had something happen in the past it’s important to recover from it. Try to find someone that you trust and feel comfortable with, if it feels right talk to them about it.

Avoid stressing for your future, live in the moment

Stop worrying
Live in the moment

In our last article we mentioned how people can get caught up what they did in the past. But how about worrying how your future will look like? It’s good if you consider your long-term goals and prepare for them. What isn’t so good is getting negative consequences because you are worrying about your future.

The only thing you should be doing about your future is participating in little changes now to achieve greater success in due time. Make tiny changes like going for a walk everyday or eating healthier more frequently. These changes don’t originate from worrying, they come from planning ahead.

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment. – Buddha

It’s true that your future is important and you need to pay attention to preparing for a great future. However your future will be better if you focus on the things right in front of you, live in the moment.  A great example of living in the moment is meeting new people that you haven’t seen before. When you are waiting for something or someone what are you doing to pass the time? Reading articles on your phone, listening to music or texting useless messages? What about living in the moment and seeing if someone around you is willing for a conversation?

Same thing goes for going on a job interview. The main thing is the result you achieve are you being accepted to get the job or are you refused. Well I would argue that isn’t the only important thing. Having a good conversation and obtaining a good relationschip is important too. It might not get you the job right now, but it builds future potential.





Don’t live in the past

Don't look at your past.jpg
Don’t be focussed on your past

We all carry the burden of our past. But how much you carry it with you totally depends on yourself. How you managed your life in the past can influence your future, but it doesn’t have to. If you had a positive, happy life you can continue this and improve your life further. However if you had hardships and a difficult time you can use it as a difficult starting point to change your future.

Everyone has something they are not proud of, that they want to forget. Try not to be too hard on yourself for it, but neither forget your past. Acknowledge what happened and become stronger, better because of it. Don’t let your past define who you will be from now on.

We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. – George Bernard Shaw

Do you have something that you did before that you are not proud of? Don’t beat yourself up about it. We have to pay attention to what we did before but it doesn’t makes us who we are. Depending on our past we can change how we react and what we do in our future.

When you are reading this don’t be overwhelmed. Actually reading about it allows you to think about what you want to become in life. The route to becoming awesome isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Implement the smallest changes in your routine, so that you become better piece by piece.

You have no further control to what happened in the past. But you can look forward and determine your future.



Relax by just being

take your time.jpg
Take your time

We frequently neglect the need of relaxation to get back into or out of the rhythm of life. We always want to be doing something that we don’t take the time for ourselves to relax.

When trying to recover from a year of hard work we tend to go for the spectacular expensive holiday in a country far away often times even a country we barely ever heard of. But what about a nice relaxing time with your family on a summer evening sitting outside enjoying the nice weather?

There are so many opportunities out there that we don’t attempt to enjoy. When was the last time you didn’t feel forced to get a drink with friends but really enjoyed being together with them. Next time you go out, consider sipping on a drink while enjoying being together with your friends.

The life of inner peace, being harmonious and without stress, is the easiest type of existence. – Norman Vincent Peale

The better you are able to just being, the easier you will be able to handle stress in your life. For example when you are about to give a presentation or go onto a job interview, how are you feeling right before you start? Very stressed, or really relaxed?

Everyone has to do things that they don’t like or things that they get stressed about. But what are you really being stressed about? Talking about a subject that you researched in front of your class or your colleagues. You already know them, and they know you. So just talk about the subject and give it your best. Are you doing a presentation in front of people you have never seen before? Well, you see them for the first and probably the last time. See it as a challenge of improving your skills with a free pass to allow yourself to fail.

The better your are able to just being in the moment the better you will be able to handle the stress of every day.




Living the cheap life

living cheap
Saving up

When we are young everyone expects us to not have any money and to chose the cheaper options out there. Eventhough you might be tempted to spend more money, it’s better for your future to keep it lower. In most situations it’s not advised to listen to others on your spending. At a younger age everyone tells you to spend less and to save your money. This is one of those situations where it pays off to listen to them.

As a young adult consider staying with your parents for a couple more years. Yes it looks very interesting to have your own house and to have all the freedom you would want. However if you are able to stomach it enjoy being around your parents for a while longer. Everyone knows it financially a blessing to maintain with your parents. But nearly no one realises the huge impact of it untill they get to live on their own. Their is not only the cost of the rent or your mortgage. There are also the general costs of living like electricity, gas, water, entertainment and so on. Not to mention even all the unexpected costs that can arrive.

Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit. – Hosea Ballou

Home sweet home. Sharing a roof with your parents allow you to live extremely frugally. You can contribute a small portion to the family expenses. But the biggest thing is the standard cost for the essentials. Every house is connected to the grid and has basic accomodations. However despite a possible minimalistic use of them you have costs that you can’t go around. Even without any water use you still have to pay a bill. (in most countries)

Maintaining your current lifestyle also allows you to take more risk from time to time. You can go ahead and move to a different job when your costs aren’t so high yet. You can even attempt to go and put some money into investments. Yes, you can lose a lot of money this way, but there is also a potential nice profit. Only invest the money you are willing to lose and this amount will be higher when you are living with your parents. This allows you to become even more financially independant later in life.